Founded in 2012, Yeah1 eDigital Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as Y1D) was established with the primary objective of connecting the community via the distribution of multi-platform video entertainment. Merely 100,000 followers at the inception, we have rapidly evolved as the leading digital media and publishing company in Vietnam, reaching over 72 million daily viewers on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

We're constantly reshaping the digital advertising landscape by developing sustainable business models like Digital Publishing, Content Creation, Social Network Commerce, and Entertainment Applications. In addition, our main goal is to expand the global market roll-out via strategic partnerships with businesses that have great influence in the Asian media industry.

The stability and expertise in the digital industry empower our global influence. At the same time, the strong cohesion of domestic audiences lets us boost commercialization by capitalizing on their devotion. We are presently implementing a novel commercial approach that combines Social Commerce and Yeah1 Mobile.

business model

As the industry leader in OTT advertising, Yeah1 eDigital has deep expertise in digital publishing. The sustainable value of our content, creators, and audiences is our profit. This scale aids us in standing out from rivals and lessens our reliance on specific platforms, as can be seen from our impressive profit margin of over 30% in terms of business viability.

We offer 360-degree advertising solutions for a wide of clients (brands and merchants) via a strategic relationship with Yeah1 Group, Vietnam's biggest media corporation. In addition, we take pride in providing optimum solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as developing business strategies and advertising on multi-platforms.

our vision

We aspire to be Asia's top digital media and publishing business, as well as a pioneer in the distribution of large-scale digital content.

our mission

We aim to improve the quality of everyone's life by sharing positivity and humane messages through the extensive engagement of our audiences on major social media networks.

Our History

As initial stockholders, Yeah1 eDigital was founded by a group of lifetime friends. We started an online forum of young people and evolved into a business named NVU with influencers like Pho, Ngoc Thao, etc. The name transition into Yeah1 eDigital, which properly reflects our business model center for the digital content industry, occurred in 2020. Being a key partner for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in Vietnam is one of our proudest achievements to date.

our future

Utilizing community advantage and the wealth of existing technology and resources, we are progressively growing beyond Asia with the ambition of modernizing the digital world. We currently operate in many countries across the region, including Thailand and Singapore, specializing in digital media and online advertising.

Southeast Asia is prime for a rapid explosion in the digital landscape. As a result of our outstanding achievements, core strengths, and cutting-edge advertising technology, we are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend and become a unique digital unit in Southeast Asia next few years.

Digital-First explores innovative technology, new opportunities, and trends. This strategy transforms a business in many ways and drives them forward into the all-digital future that is clearly on the economic horizon. All advertising touchpoints would be digital and seamless. This exploitation is inevitable and increasing rapidly. We vigorously seized the opportunity to develop a digital content roadmap that aligns with the Digital-First strategy in both the physical and digital worlds by the middle of 2020. As a further step in 2021, we strengthen digital resilience, content distribution, and adaptability in the face of disruptive change, while serving global audiences on multi-platforms.

Our Management