Established in 2012, Yeah1 eDigital Joint Stock Company ('Y1D') with the purpose of connecting the community and promote the content of Yeah1 TV broadcasting channel onto digital platforms, with a community of only more than 100,000 followers then has grown to become the leading digital media and publishing company in Vietnam, owning more than 72 million daily viewers with the focus on producing and distributing content on the online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Website, TikTok.

Y1D has been shaping the digital advertising market in the region by developing solid business models, including Advertising Technology & Digital Media, Digital Publishing, Content Creation, Social Network Commerce, and Entertainment Applications. Together with its member companies, it is currently one of the leading Digital Publishing and Media companies in Vietnam and has great influence in Asia, currently in the process of expanding its market share to other platforms and regions around the world.

The stability and experience of adapting to changes on digital platforms allow us to continue to rapidly expand our influence into the world market. At the same time, the strong cohesion of the domestic audience enables us to move towards commercialization based on this loyal community. Y1D is currently planning to commercialize in a very unique way, which is Social Commerce & Yeah1 Mobile.

business model

Y1D is not only the leading advertising agency on the OTT platform but also the Main Publisher on all other platforms. We make profits around the sustainable values ​​of content, creators, and the community that we create and own entirely. This has helped Y1D's business model stand out from other companies and help us reduce our reliance on certain platforms, reflected in the outstandingly high profit margin of over 30% and the sustainability in the business process.

With a strategic partnership with Yeah1 Group, a leading media group in Vietnam, Y1D has been completely providing a 360-degree advertising solution for customers (brands/sellers), helping Y1D diversify business revenue sources, especially providing solutions for small and medium-sized business partners when implementing business plans and advertising on digital platforms.

our vision

We aim to become Asia's leading digital media and publishing company, in which, pioneeringly release on digital platforms.

our mission

With the strong user engagement from digital platforms, it will help us quickly reach and spread to the community meaningful content, positive and humane messages. These positive energies will make everyone's life better.

our origin & milestone

Yeah1 eDigital continues to be operated and controlled by the founding shareholders, who have been close friends until now. Formerly an online forum for young people, we established the company NVU and built names like Pho, Ngoc Thao... From 2020, when our experience and business model became clear, we changed our name to Yeah1 eDigital, invested in digital content mainly and now become a strategic partner of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok in Vietnam.

our future

With the community and background of available technology and resources, Y1D is gradually expanding beyond Asia with the ambition to strongly develop the digital industry. Y1D currently operates in many countries in the world, such as Thailand, Singapore especially in the field of digital media and online advertising business.

Southeast Asia is currently poised for explosive growth in the online commerce and advertising business. Y1D, with its outstanding achievements along with core competencies and state-of-the-art advertising technology, is ready to take advantage of this trend and aim to become an outstanding digital unit in Southeast Asia in the next few years.

Digital First is becoming a trend, when digital transformation, e-government, entertainment, commerce... have all moved to digital. Advertising exploitation on these platforms is an inevitability and it is growing strongly. We quickly pioneered and became the first company to focus on producing and exploiting content according to the 'Digital First' strategy and have accomplished this goal in Vietnam since the end of 2020. From 2021, we continue to invest, expand production and distribute content on more platforms and aim to serve the global audience.

Our Management